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Baileigh Industrial's SBR-4020 combination shear, brake, and roll has a very small floor plan that can be bench or stand mounted. It combines a metal shear, a press brake, and a slip roll all into one machine making it perfect for those small sheet metal shops or garage shops with limited space.

The SBR-4020 can shear, brake, or roll up to 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum, with material that is up to 40 inches wide across all three applications.

The manual press brake can bend up to 90° in sheet metal. The upper beam of the press brake has hardened adjustable dies that allows the fabricator to make various boxes and pans.

The manual metal shear can cut at full capacity across the entire width of the machine.

The manual slip roll has hardened rolls with three wire grooves for small round stock. A back gauge is also included to help with repeatability.

Like all Baileigh combination shear, brake, and roll machines, it offers years of use at a very affordable price. 

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Item Number SBR-4020
Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel) 0.5 mm
Rolling Capacity 1 mm
Shear Capacity 1 mm
Min. Rolling Dia. 43 mm
Capacity 1mm
Bed Width 1
Bending Capacity 1 mm
Maximum Bend Angle 90°
Power Manual
Shipping Weights 212 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions 1350 x 460 x 690mm x 215kgs

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Stories & Testimonials

SBR-4020 Great Purchase!

I recently purchased a 3 in1 SBR-4020 from your company. I have got to say I am extremely impressed with your machine and very happy with my purchase. At first I was undecided on which direction to go. I do a lot of metal fabrication and vehicle restoration as a hobby and was getting tired forming metal patches with only tin snips, a body cutting tool and an old hand brake. Granted those tools worked but they’re hardly efficient and nowhere close to being precise. In the last year my hobby has turned into more of a side business. Not only have I been doing more metal fabrication but the jobs have gotten more complex and the old tools weren’t cutting it anymore.

At first I was looking into three individual tools, a shear, slip roll and a finger brake. I quickly realized that for one, three separate machines took up too much room and secondly the cost would be hard to justify. After a bit more research I came across the more compact 3 in 1 shear, brake, slip roll. I first came across the Baileigh name while on YouTube, after watching your commercial on the SBR-5216, I hopped onto your website to look at the other metal fabricating tools you had available. I did a lot of research on your SBR as well as on your competitors and of course price and quality were big factors.

I first called Baileigh industrial with the intent of finding out more about your products, but after talking with Baileigh Industrial I was quickly hooked. He took the time to explain the benefits of going with a Baileigh tool over the rest. Baileigh tools are held to very high standards during production and the capabilities of the tools are based on actual engineering not false claims. I wanted the best quality tool for my money and I am confident that I achieved that by going with a Baileigh product. To top it off I received the SBR in just one week after ordering it. I went through and did a pre use clearance check as recommended in the manual and found everything to be right in line. It worked perfect right out of the box!

Currently I am working on a 1967 Chevy Panel delivery. This truck has the typical rust in the floor and rocker panels like many of its era. With the Baileigh SBR-4020 I easily fabricated patches for the rusted floorboards and new inner rocker panels. The patch panels turned out awesome. Sorry the pictures are poor quality. Another side project I did was more for fun, it was something I thought up to test out the SBR’s capabilities. I took an old riding lawn mower and built a go kart out of it with a new body that mimics and old Willys flat fender Jeep. I was able to take a 4’x8’ sheet of 20 gauge metal and fabricate the body in just one 8 hour day. The shear, box brake and slip roll all worked great, I am still impressed at how easy it was to figure out how the slip roll worked. I practiced doing different radiuses with few pieces of scrap sheet metal and then built the final pieces for the go kart. The cowl, rear body panels and hood all fit perfect on the first try.

I foresee getting a lot of great use from my SBR-4020 and am very pleased so far with its performance. As my shop grows, I absolutely intend to buy from Baileigh Industrial again in the future. Thanks again to the friendly sales staff for helping me purchase a great tool.

“DLux” Fabrication and Vehicle Restoration.

Pete Lux

3-in-1 Shear Brake Roll Machine SBR-4020

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