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If you want both ease of use and fast production, while also saving money, then look no further that the SH-8008-HD hydraulic metal shear from Baileigh Industrial. 

At 24-36 strokes per minute, production time will be reduced, and its 8 gauge mild steel capacity will open your shop to jobs that you currently cannot do.

The SH-8008-HD uses a powerful 15hp motor that runs on 220 volt, three phase power to shear over its entire 80” length.

The top carriage of the SH-8008-HD moves via a bearing system that rides in a machine-ground and hardened track that allows the machine to function smoothly, dramatically increasing blade life.

The blades on the SH-8008-HD are reversible and can be resharpened for dramatically improved life.

There are 12 hydraulic hold-downs that securely hold the material and prevent it from lifting when shearing the sheet metal. The hold-downs also extend blade life and prevent unnecessary upper carriage stress.

To operate the SH-8008-HD hydraulic metal shear, a foot pedal controls the shear motion. This metal shear has a function that allows the operator to jog, complete one cycle, or have the machine run continuous cycles for high production of smaller parts.

A shadow line positioner, back gauge and front roller tables round out the SH-8008-HD into a fully comprehensive fabrication machine. 

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Item Number SH-8008-HD
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Back Gauge Length 23.62"
Shear Length 2032 mm
Motor 15 hp
Thickness (SS) 8 ga. (12 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute 24 – 36
Capacity 4.2mm
Front Gauge Length 39.37"
Blade Angle 1/2° – 2° Adjustable
Power 415V, 50Hz, 3-Phase
Shipping Weights 3300 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions 3302 x 1219 x 1651 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Metal Shear SH-8008-HD

SKU: 4013252

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