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Baileigh Industrial offers a full line of end mills for it's very own TN-800 tube and pipe notcher. Each end mill is as unique as the machine that it was intended for. Every Baileigh Industrial end mill is designed to give maximum life for a great value, just like the TN-800.

PP-0215M - End Mill

This is Baileigh Industrial's standard end mill that comes with every TN-800 Baileigh Industrial sells. Designed for optimal performance in just about every situation, this end mill will give you 2000+ cuts and has the option to be re-sharpened if you so chose.

PP-0215L - End Mill

This is an extra long version of the Baileigh Industrial PP-0215M that is pictured above. It has the same great cutting characteristics as the PP-0215M, but has an extended length to help you get to those extreme angles that you may encounter when notching larger diameter tube. Ask your sales rep if you may need the PP-0215L for your application.

PP-0791 - End Mill

Some application will use up an end mill faster then others. One of those applications is Stainless Steel. For that reason Baileigh Industrial offers the PP-0791 end mill specifically made for notching Stainless Steel. Let your sales rep know if Stainless is part of your work load, because purchasing this end mill will save you a lot of time, headaches, and money for anybody notching stainless steel.

PP-0225* - End Mill

For those applications on a TN-800 that require notches that are smaller then 1", Baileigh Industrial offers the PP-0225, 1/2" end mill. The PP-0225 offers the same great cutting ability of the standard PP-0215M.

*Must purchase 1/2" end mill adapter (PP-0208) to use this end mill on the TN-800.

As with all Baileigh Industrial products, our end mills are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Don't forget to ask about quantity discounts!!

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End Mills

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