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Looking for a good bio-degradable cutting fluid for your saws?  We think we have what is the best, Code named B-Cool, this is the first saw coolant good enough for Baileigh Industrial to sell.  B-Cool is a flood coolant formulated to assist in most metal cutting and machining operations on ferrous, non-ferrous and specialty alloys. B-Cool cutting fluid is non-chlorine, non-sulfur, non-phenol and non-nitrate based formula. Unlike other cutting fluids on the market Baileigh Industrial's B-Cool is a non-petroleum based product formulated with bio-degradable ingredients making cleanup a breeze.

Available in both 1 and 5 gallon quantities, B-Cool saw coolant will last longer than others on the market as well.  It has a 20-1 mixing ratio, meaning more coolant for the money.  The results of this cutting coolant have been superior and have allowed Baileigh Industrial to feel comfortable putting our name on it.  B-Cool is designed for any machine that uses a flood coolant system for cooling.


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Item Number B-Cool

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B-Cool Saw Coolant

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