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Angle Finders instantly improve accuracy of finished products

The AF-360D angle finder is a must for any fabricator who is working with hand railing, auto chassis, etc., anything that requires an accurate rotation of the previous bend completed, before performing the next bend. A tube or pipe bender that has a positioning table is complimented with the attachment of an AF-360D angle finder.  Attach the AF-360D to the following end of tube or pipe before bending, complete a bend and rotate material accurately to desired degree and before next bend.

  • Digital indicator accurately detects where plane of bend is within total 360 ° rotation in 180° increments.
  • Ensures that pipe or tube stays on a level plane.
  • Immediate payback due to material savings when tube bending.
  • Perfect for all applications that require more than one bend in material.
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Item Number AF-360D

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Angle Finder AF-360D

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